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Howard has been teaching the guitar and Ukulele for over 20 years, during which time his personal approach is to utilise as many methods and regimens as possible so as to help students in their own learning processes and journeys.


As human beings we are all unique - add to that the element of artistic expression and it becomes clear that no two music students (or teachers!) can ever be the same and their learning experience should reflect this.  

As a self confessed music obsessive, Howard has been playing the guitar for over 30 years. His interest in the guitar began with wanting to be in The Jam (he still does) but as time passed Howard developed an interest in as many styles as he could discover.


Howard taught in and around the Greater Manchester area for around 15 years before a 4 year period living in Far North Queensland, Australia where he taught privately in the Northern Beaches area and on the James Cook University Campus music studio.


Howard is now based in Whaley Bridge in the High Peak with his family.  He has a love of art/culture and all forms of communication in general and it is his personal belief that music is the highest form of self expression.

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Howard B.
Guitar & Ukulele Tutor

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